WildDuck Email in Production Test

Famous last words : "I like this mail server, even though it isn't exactly prod ready"

WildDuck Email Server

For a while I’ve had WildDuck installed on my server francesco1 which every so often I like to come back to. I’ve never really got fully in to using it, it really does the job and actually it isn’t that hard to modify and setup.

No idea why, but I do actually love it so my reasons to ignore it don’t make any sense. Granted WildDuck’s interface is a bit dated, that OG Gmail vibe is really quite there :

WildDuck Inbox

WildDuck Email

But it does seem to be doing the job and running some tests on the kevin.paris domain which are so far successful. One of the immediate problems I can see is filtering, it is fairly basic and I can’t do header based filters, which isn’t ideal but not exactly a deal breaker.

In terms of outbound email, since I’m not exactly flush with cash, I’m using Free’s smtp relay which can be a tiny bit anal about content or sending volumes in the most arbitrary way. In terms of delivery, I’ve not yet triggered an angry reaction from Free and signing with DKIM, plus the reputation of their SMTP pool seems to do alright.

Inbound I use MXGuardDog’s junk email filter so the incoming ports of my mail server can be limited for delivery at the firewall. That too also seems to be doing the job quite well as a setup, and since I earn tokens by advertising (such as the above link) I’m able to effectively have that for free.

MXGuardDog Invoice

I’m going to also try a live mailbox copy to see how it handles my somewhat spicy sized email hoarding habit, but from the WildDuck docs it seems that it does take less space over all.


This server also handles NNTP, Gopher, Gemini, and a stale instance of WriteFreely because it is a former super spec’d laptop that Windows tried to kill