Well That Was a Waste of Time

Database Hell, RIP my sanity

This morning I set myself on the task of moving from SQLite3 to MySQL for Plume’s database. Fresh head and life seemed great.

Well, looks can be deceiving and it fucking well was not OK

screaming in to the void

I tried, without a lie, 15 different tools to try and make MySQL swallow this fucking data in all kinds of ways, quite frankly the one I gave up on says everything you need to know about this bullshit task.

Server fucked off

That is when I decided to check the Plume Gitea for a SQL file to at least create the tables. That’s when I discovered the horror. I had been using the wrong database server.

fuck me

I got back on with my new task, get rid of MySQL from my server (I took joy in this), install PostgreSQL, and do the data transfer.

Do you know how long that took ? SECONDS, POSTGRES IS FINE.

Now that I have a fully loaded Postgres database and I’m ready to go, but I discovered one problem.

what is that gif cardi b

When I built Plume, I only did it with support for SQLite.

face palm gif

Where does this leave me ? I ain’t fucking rebuilding this shit for a database move, so I’m adding this to the roadmap of “if errors get worse or there is a new release, I will do this”.

not today satan televangelist gif