Preparing for Lights Out

It is coming and I just have to accept this

Because reasons and I’m waiting for DigitalOcean to space my droplets because I can’t afford the bill this month, I have used the spare Free Tier instance on Oracle to back me up.

I’ve set-up the server to take over the North and South Americas proxy point and it is ready to go in place of the relays hosted at DigitalOcean. This of course will be a mere bandage over the problem that won’t be able to do anything when my internet is cut off again later this month, for you guessed it, non-payment.

In the long term, when I’m more employed I’m thinking of getting a cheap secondary connection in my flat that I might move the servers on to or at least bridge the connections to take the edge off of the ADSL struggle bus. But this is a very much in the future when I can put food on my plate kind of thing.

As with every post lately, I will be begging, if you can help, please feel free to drop a few Euro / Quid / Bucks :

  • Credit / Debit Card €
  • IBAN € : NL18 BUNQ 2206 2327 31
  • GBP £ : Sort Code 04-14-04 Account 43695586
  • USD $ : Agency Code 026073150 Routing Number 8335388831
  • CAD $ : kc at Interac