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After writing a status update, as usual I decided to throw up a blog post, mainly to solidify my choices here.

I’ve bounced between a few options to break sus in to different subdomains that focus on a particular topic or do the smart thing and run it off one install of Yellow. I started this when I put up [content warning] , but not as a “this is a thing I am doing now” but as a “I am looking into how I can get Yellow to generate a static site as I could produce my content on my own servers”.

It passed the technical test, it works and I can do it. For [content warning] I think I will keep it on the separate subdomain, the content is too eclectic and unorganised in my brain goo for it to nest nicely within the main concept.

This whole thing ain’t new and almost always ends in pain and abject failure.

As I readied myself for my project I decided that this isn’t the same old thing I want to spend my time on again. I’m in a good position where I have the time, energy, and space to do it right and not right now because this is the only time I have to myself.

This got me thinking, why do I want subdomains, why can’t I just put things in folders like a normal person. God knows at the very core of it I don’t have enough of anything to be dealing with multiple subdomains of stuff.

The answer to the question is simple - I fucking hate the footer on, its a god damn mess :

Capture d’écran 2023-03-07 à 09.12.13

The easy answer instead of doing something because I can and not because I should is that I fix the core of this problem, move the obligatory things on to the homepage space (because they do need to showcase on the main page) and liberate that space to the bare essentials.

Easy peasy. Here we goooooooo Here we goooooooo

Photo de Christopher Burns sur Unsplash