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Proton is bringing the game to the game yo

Well this is an interesting development for a digital hoarder. Btw this ain't sponsored #NotAnAd

You Are Obligated to Enjoy the Crown Day for King Sausage Fingers III

Only the appropriate opinions will be allowed citizen !

Twitter in 2023 is better than LiveJournal in 2005

The kind of internet drama that we all live for and that we lost when ljdrama died (rip)

Soon it is birthday

He can has cheezeburger

Mood is sushi

I'm feeling this so much, sus.fr is now sushi themed for no reason. Don't judge my life choices.

Let's do lunch - 6ème Edition

Its not often I'm privileged to meet people on this side of the river

I'd like to thank capitalism for all of this

and not to forget the two people who fucked me over to make it happen

The End of The Month is so Dire in Capitalism

I personally blame Macron

After Many Days....


Trying to automate the LiveJournal entries

I've learned a few things, and those things are that things weirdly don't work as expected

Many Pans on the Fire

I like too many things and I've been spending a lot of time blogging about it

Update from Planet sus.fr

This is real, everything is real, eat a burger.