Update from Planet sus.fr

This is real, everything is real, eat a burger.

I’ve been spending a bit of time, well a lot of time, working on various personal projects. Because ADHD is a thing I got a bit side tracked and started to spend a bit too much time on AI Storytime.

It got me thinking back to when I created ACME.lu and many years ago another site at members.aol.com that was lost in time but a similar theme. A website that exists in a fictional universe, a very unilinear story telling experience.

I’m not a particularly great writer, I just blog shit on the internet and do my thing, but giving a certain AI a run for its money gave me an idea to help me along. I’ve lost the ability to be super creative like I was in ye olden years, probably too jaded now, so I feed the AI the criteria, let it do all the heavy lifting and I finish it up.

This is where I find myself today, I created two things - one is just a start and the other is a hub. I’ve been looking for an excuse to reboot cw.nf and I’ve created [content warning] as a sub-site of sus.fr to file these things as the blog isn’t exactly the right part.

The section part of this is the world that MindWarp and FutureMind exist in. I’ve built some of the side story but I’ve not yet connected it to a back story or a wider experience, but there is plenty of time for that.

Until then we have Cowboy Jeb.

edit : here is your sexy burger content sexy burger ad by an AI