Mood is sushi

I'm feeling this so much, is now sushi themed for no reason. Don't judge my life choices.

It has been a while since I got around to writing my blog. I mean if you take in to consideration that today is the first time in months I’ve willingly moved from the sofa to my actual real life desk to act like a proper human sat in front of the computer instead of having the computer sat on me as I fester horizontally, then you’ll know why.

Right now I’ve got two jobs in play, one has ghosted me and the second seems to be going pretty well. Just waiting to hear back from them, which seems forever because I haven’t had a concept of time since last year.

Dancing sushi

Anyways, why the sushi theme ? No idea, I’m really feeling sushi. Can I afford sushi ? No.

Speaking of affording things, I’ve not been able to pay any bills this month and it is really stacking up hard, internet is going to get cut off soon, insurance companies coming at me with threats, you know the normal stuff.

It has been a while since I was this poor and I forgot how many taxes you have to pay for not having any money at all. Always a surcharge for not having any money that then of course screws you over the next month since you now have less money than you had before and the cycle really just spirals.

There are no bootstraps kids, just a seatbelt to try and ride this.


In other news, Macron spoke last night, and the feeling that things are going to get worse is very much there. Its almost my birthday soon, so IDGAF and I shall be buying a whole cake to consume even though I very much can not afford it.

To end on a slightly more happy thing, the weather is slightly nicer out and the cats are enjoying the terrasse that adds about 200€ on to my rent, so it is money well spent.

Final note - I’m going to try my best to keep my self hosted things online one way or another once the internet doth get choppeth, technically a project so something to do instead of being bored on the sofa all day. Just means there are going to be gaps, so don’t be so surprised if the site is unreachable. You can of course access this blog through another Plume instance, such as