Mass Effect 3 - Gays in Space

Why inclusive gaming really matters, and if you don't think it does, then the modders will do it for you

I’m watching somebody’s Mass Effect 3 playthrough with the Shepard Kaidan romance mod on.

I’m not joking when I say this is the longest and most captivating space gays series I never knew I wanted but I’m three days deep and I will be sad when it’s over in four hours.

Kaidan b00bies

Let me tell you I was sad in the end, the ending got me.

Anyways, I’ve heard of Mass Effect before, it really isn’t my style of gaming so when I saw it up on YouTube I figured watching a playthrough would hit the spot, which it did. I’m all about the choices impacting the direction of the story, but real shit at the old pew pew pew part.

Like most games it has a particular market it is aiming for and explained in a video by somebody much better at explaining things than I am, the same sex relationship wasn’t available on the vanilla releases and you can see it in the cut scenes with all the female characters the game is shoving your direction. So modders did their things and I’m glad about it.

You might be asking, what in this woke mind virus nonsense are you talking about and no doubt real men pew pew pew and touch boobies before burning down a library. Which I mean, ok, but the point is if you want the story to be immersive then you got to give people options other than horny 14 year old cis het male.

Had I watched the version without a romance or even with one but heterosexual, I wouldn’t have fully got the story line. I’m not heterosexual, I don’t participate in opposite gender relationships, and really they are of little interest to me. Sure I have female friends, but I don’t get the romantic or sexual attraction to a woman in the same way I do in a male-male one.

But that small change opens up the entire story, the characters, and the dynamic enough to suck me in to the Mass Effect universe. It was fun to watch and I’m sure if I wouldn’t constantly be blown up, it would be real fun to play.

Back in ye olde yeares, I remember trying to get two male Sims to fall in love, perhaps even crac-crac. But back then it too was a no starter, kind of squashed the fun of it which I made up with deleting pool ladders and locking Sims in burning kitchens. If you can’t make love, I can make war.

Now, The Sims has all kind of gender expressions (including how I accidentally gave my gay couple’s daughters back and chest hair) and relationships possible, which opens that game up to a little more fun while also being an expression for me to build a fictional world according to my desires.

eating sammiches but rich

Giving people like me visibility in media of all kinds is important, especially when you create a complex storyline and admittedly even though Shepard and Kaidan got some big polygon tiddies, it is the gayboy equivalent to the Laura Croft experience.

Polygon man tiddies laura croft awoken so many 90s straight boys and the lesbians

For the record, yes, all my hetero male friends found pointy tits up there “boner-ific” back in the 90s.

So in final, game devs, if you’re reading this. More of this please ❤️

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