Many Pans on the Fire

I like too many things and I've been spending a lot of time blogging about it

You know I’ve been meaning to write something that isn’t super technical ramblings about doing server things and uploading some more of the old content now that I can.

Instead ADHD was like DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE and I did a lot of things except the thing I wanted to do. It was kind of nice, I’ve not been this level of productive since October.

One of the many things I need to complete is the main site, I kind of did some updates before I did something else entirely. I then noticed in the logs that twtxt was popping off and I did a post there too.

But in between the haze of productivity, the cats and I did our thing.

Samy in a box

Jarod being Jarod

I think I might potter off to bed, transfer a post or two from Logarion, and call it a night.