Dystopian AI Cartoon

I've never loved anything as much as I love this - for the wrong reasons

While there is a larger discussion of AI being the new kind of dystopian hell that steals from artists to feed shareholders, I am allowed to occasionally get abused by this system for mere entertainment.

I’ve used generated.photos to generate some anonymised avatars of myself, and yes I know the irony of feeding an AI my likeness in the name of being anonymous. I’d be less inclined to do this if it wasn’t for the fact that many AIs have stolen my content and likeness already.

But they emailed me, they’ve created a new version of sorts and were asking for cartoons to make real. Most people sent standard fayre cartoons, but I went for the gift that adb sent me - my crudely drawn avatar.


The results took a while to come through but I was not disappointed.

Tweet - response to generated_media : I’m both horrified and impressed, good work !

Now after padding some time, I present to you the greatest gifts from AI - a dystopian hell of an avatar with weird nipples

Avatar but dystopian

Avatar but dystopian 2