mgetty configuration for bbs server

Quick config for running a bbs server under a rtc connection. Untested right now…

The modem is a USRobotics Sportster Voice, connected using an usb<>serial adapter.

# /etc/mgetty/mgetty.config
port ttyUSB0
    speed 9600
    modem-init ATZ1
    init-chat "" \dAT&F&C1E0\d\r OK ATQ0&K3&D2S0= OK
    # seems better and doesn't get me out right now after
    # call detect with the last line, need tests...

# /etc/mgetty/login.config
# comment all lines, add at the bottom

*   -   telnet  /usr/bin/telnet -8 localhost

# /etc/mgetty/dialin.config
# comment all lines, hopes it works :p