Elka Concorde 405 - project state.

Elka Concorde 405

I've just got an Elka Concorde 405 and this will one one of the two major projects for 2018.

I've been looking for one since years and I finally got one, really cheap, for parts, and huge delivery price.

Fortunately, as usual, the delivery carrier dropped the thing on the ground, because, hey, why taking care when you pay 70€ for delivery ? (yes, that was the delivery price)

So here is the current issues:

  • whole bracket with connectors (pedal, power, headphones) and transformer are ripped from the case
  • PCB for the connectors is broken in four parts (I may need to do a whole new PCB for it)
  • some PSU cables are partially snapped because of the transformer drop
  • one magnet HP was ripped from it and was attached to the transformer
  • the same HP has his whole cone without any edge foam (the thing to attach the cone to the armature)
  • some boards are in a V shape, that's strange since they are attached on top with spacers...
  • some leds (most) doesn't works
  • some buttons works or not I don't know since no leds are working
  • the reverb tank has lost one spring and I can't find it in the case, the other one was detached and attached to another HP magnet ...
  • the bass HP (I think) seems to have some issues and vibrations
  • the flycase does have various issues, broken handle, corners snapped, hinge does not perform as hinge anymore

But except for that, it does produce sound, four or five keys doesn't works only.

So well, lot of work, still 4 to 7 times cheaper than a "second hand" one who would works perfectly.

The first thing I will do will be, not in order :

  • reslot all cards and clean all contacts
  • dump some EPROMS for conservation
  • look on the PCB issue (this does not cause issues for the moment)
  • look how to get a schematic (free or paid)
  • check PSU voltages
  • replace some leaky capacitors
  • check all swiches and clean
  • check all keys and clean

For the reverb tank it will probably be hard to find the right spring, so I will may end up replacing the whole tank.

And now, some pictures:

Elka Concorde full Elka Concorde left Elka Concorde top left

Elka Concorde right Elka Concorde top right Elka Concorde reverb tank

Elka Concorde tank 1 Elka Concorde tank 2