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What the Actual Fuck is This Rice

Looks like something yet tastes like nothing all at once !

Political Persecution?

Do you think prosecuting Trump is a political persecution? Read on:

WildDuck Email in Production Test

Famous last words : "I like this mail server, even though it isn't exactly prod ready"

Frosty Follies: The Tale of the Mischievous Propane Tanks

In a quaint Englishshire town, an icy morning becomes the backdrop for a whimsical adventure as hidden propane tanks lead to hilarious and heartwarming moments among the townspeople.

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck fucker

Database migration went bad

Dystopian AI Cartoon

I've never loved anything as much as I love this - for the wrong reasons

Well That Was a Waste of Time

Database Hell, RIP my sanity

If it is alright with you

it is alright with me

The Wild Ride That is Ballum

It has been a decade since I visited Albert Square and I'm not disapointed

Preparing for Lights Out

It is coming and I just have to accept this

Mass Effect 3 - Gays in Space

Why inclusive gaming really matters, and if you don't think it does, then the modders will do it for you

The Taste of Poverty

When you make too much for a food bank you're basically on your own