Matériel Radio

RTL-SDR Sommerkamp FRdx500 Talco CS3 160 Dirland DSS 9000
Mapping des fréquences a refaire.
Dé-moddage fini.
Tristar7000135-157 MHz 9.6V / 12V EXTWith ScannerSquelch pot dead: shorted to fix.
YAESUFT-411ERx: 140-174 MHz
Tx: 144-148 MHz
User Guide7.2V / 12VCTCSS Encoder
SCAN mode in VFO or CALL
Fixed sound issue with a strap to bypass the ribbon cable for audio line.
ICOMIC-u2E144-145.9875 MHzUser Guide7.2-13VNo keypadPower pot replaced, plastic broken.
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