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a Hungarian living abroad,
KÉM :), azaz Külföldön Élő Magyar


Writing on the internet since the mid-90s as the OG Hipster Bloggeur now running my own servers cos that one time Russia bought LiveJournal and we all panicked

Kiril Chilingarashvili

Make Things Happen

B Kolden

Interests: #python, #linux, #amateurradio, #hamradio and #guns.
Politics: Conservative Republican.
Religion: Christian / Lutheran

Claudia Rauch

word wrangler, music lover, cooking makes me happy, all things open source

Fridrich Strba :ch_Geneve:

Writing in my impersonal incapacity

Robert Brook

I live in London and work at the UK Parliament. I don’t write about the office. I don’t work for the government: that’s the civil service. I use my vote and I hope you use yours. I’m a member of Prospect, the trade union. I used to work at AOL TIME-Warner and Trinity Mirror. My posts last a fortnight.

Juha Autero

trans rights = human rights

Lyonel Kaufmann

Historien & Blogueur

Mes billets :

Auparavant j'étais

Je me réjouis de poser mes valises dans un espace hébergé en Suisse par une association avec laquelle je partage ses valeurs.

Autrement, je m'intéresse aux questions de l'enseignement de l'histoire et du numérique dans celui-ci ou ailleurs.

La moto, la photographie, la lecture et les roadtrips font partie de mes principaux intérêts.

☄️~Stardust Diving~🌌

nonbinary computer enthusiast who is actively ruining their own life over weird RPGs. infrequent fanfic writer [they/them]. #nobots

Esther Brunner

User Interface Developer bei Zeix, queer-feministische Denkerin und Aktivistin

Simon Phipps

Dreaming of UUCP and silver halides. Mostly posting in fleeting moments of transcendence.